Heh, when I was roughly the same age I showed up in roughly the same outfit, at a school event, where the theme was, "Dress as your hero." I think I had a fake beard. I was a little eleven-year-old female Alfred Nobel in a suit probably borrowed from my older brother. » 3/06/15 2:13pm 47 minutes ago

When my brother got married, he and his then-fiancee worked their asses off over their invitations. Everyone involved was pretty broke, so our minister father was performing the ceremony in the church we'd grown up attending, and the idea was to keep attendance low to manage costs. The official photographer was my… » 3/05/15 5:25pm Yesterday 5:25pm

Good. While Arias is clearly guilty, she is also crazier than a shithouse rat, and I see very little moral good in having her killed by the state. Maybe someday the deceased's family can admit that. Or that their dead brother isn't an angel, would only perform anal sex on her because that wasn't "really" sex, and… » 3/05/15 3:58pm Yesterday 3:58pm

I'm with you. I basically lived for a summer in a frat house of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. I wasn't a member or even a guy, I was just crashing there all the time because it was fun to be there with my friends and a lot of the beds were empty because it was summer, so I'd wrap up in a spare sheet and fall into one. … » 3/05/15 1:05pm Yesterday 1:05pm

The sale of unpasteurized milk is illegal where I live, and people start these totally insane "milk rings" where they're basically slipping money to dairy farmers on the sly to get fresh milk. There was even a trial for an illegal milk sale, where the defendant was not allowed to say that what he was illegally… » 3/05/15 12:08pm Yesterday 12:08pm

Hey, I know I'm responding to a nothing post, but that's intentional. I just kind of . . . think you're a smart, capable human being. Most of my work on Australia is from either literary criticism or anthropology, and while the most recent thing I'm writing on is from 1993, I feel like I keep falling behind on the… » 3/04/15 9:00pm Wednesday 9:00pm

I'm still kind of confused by this. When I was a little kid, we got off for Thanksgiving weekend, Labor Day, MLK Day, Washington's birthday, Lincoln's birthday, Columbus Day, and Casimir Pulaski Day. (It's a Chicagoland thing.) There weren't any religious holidays on which there was no school; they tended to happen… » 3/04/15 7:32pm Wednesday 7:32pm