The sweet, now-deceased dog of my teenage years was trained to do that thing where he'd let you carefully balance food (usually carrot sticks) on the end of his nose, and then sit there slowly losing his doggy little mind staring at you with giant, soulful eyes until you said, "Okay," and then he'd flip it up in the… » 1/25/15 9:10pm Yesterday 9:10pm

I used to order pizza for, I swear to god, the pickiest bunch of D&D players ever to grace a varnish-peeling kitchen table. (Various players' limitations included: No anchovies, no pineapple, no bell peppers, no mushrooms, no onions, no vegetables at all, no plain cheese, no tomato sauce, and the mutually exclusive no… » 1/25/15 5:36pm Yesterday 5:36pm

There used to be a red-winged blackbird which regularly harassed me when I ran past its nest. The first time, it actually blindsided me in the head out of nowhere, and I jerked away in surprise so hard that I completely wiped out and skinned the shit out of my left leg and knee. It's scary if you have no idea what the… » 1/19/15 5:38pm 1/19/15 5:38pm

I have a secondhand declawed cat, and I'm mostly with you. She kills the shit out of anything smaller than her that makes it into our apartment or on the outside balcony, and her behavior does really seem pretty much like every clawed cat's I've met. I have to say that, in my experience, a lot of the behavioral and… » 1/15/15 11:12am 1/15/15 11:12am